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Custom Filter Elements

ACME FLUID SYSTEMS also provides tailor-made services to clients in the realm of fluid filtering. Services include crafting highly dependent filtering system based on the specific requirements of the clients such that they can use it according to their own convenience. The scope includes making custom adjustments within the offered products and also integration of a fresh filtering body that supports custom filter elements to remove impurities from the fluids.


  • Can give replacement for any existing strainer
  • Y type, T type, Baskset elements , Conical strainers etc
  • Replacement for other strainers of other makes.
  • Stainless Steel construction


  • Customisation of existing element
  • Magnet inclusion to existing element
  • Increassing of filtration ares of existing element by pleating, etc
  • Monel/ Super duplex stainless steel Options
  • Repairing of strainers



T-Type Filter Element
T-Type Filter Element
Y type filter element
Y type filter element
Simplex Filter Element
Simplex Filter Element
Basket Filter Element
Basket Filter Element