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Simplex Bolted Casted Strainers

Basket strainers are the type of strainers bigger than the Y Type strainers. Simplex basket strainers can be of casted and fabricated depending upon various factors. The shape of simplex basket strainers is like a basket which has the capacity to store large amount of debris. Also, the bigger size provides a proper platform for effective filtration area. Although the weight of simplex basket strainers is quite heavy, its enormous size renders excellent capacity for holding dirt. A casted simplex basket strainer is a strainer made up of robust cast… It has a threaded drain and the flow of fluids is from inside to outside.Providing expertise in strainers, we offer various options in the physical and technical features which can be selected as per the preference of our clients.

  • Size: ¼”- 2” ( Screwed, Scoket weld)
  • Size: ½”- 16” (Flanged ends, Butt weld ends)
  • Rating: 150#

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  • Integrally cast housings
  • Flow is from inside to outside
  • Threaded drain
  • Large screen area ensures efficient filtration with low pressured drop


  • P Tapings/ Gauge
  • Drain/Vent Valves
  • Plated Filter element
  • Magnetic Screen Insert
  • Different Drilling templates (ASME/DN/BS/IS)
  • Special finish and Linings
  • Threading options (BSP/NPT)

Download Datasheet:

Casted Simplex Basket 150#



Bolted casted Strainer
Casted Bolted Simplex Strainer
Basket Strainer
Casted Basket Strainer