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Y Type Strainer Forged

Being a member of the Y Type Strainer family, Forged Y Type strainer have a number of things to prove its potential presence. Forged type of strainer is usually used for high pressure applications and found in thousands of pipelines. It blends well with the pipelines that are slightly inclined or horizontal. With the main purpose of removing solid particles from fluids flowing through the pipeline, Forged Y type strainer renders an effective service without reducing the pressure of flow of fluids.

The entire name “Y Type Strainer Forged” designs a blueprint of the product in the mind. As the shape of this strainer is Y-shaped, it is a part of Y strainer family whereas the word “forged” is attached to the name because Forged Steel (A 105), F 304 and F 316 are involved in its formation. It has a compact design with special finish and linings that provides a proper platform to be installed comfortably and work efficiently. Y-shaped Forged strainers offers drain valves and plated filter element with a variety of threading types. The size of screwed ends/socket weld ends present in this strainer is ¼” inch to 2 inches. This strainer has the highest pressure rating that lies between 800# to 2500#.

  • Size: ¼”- 2” (Screwed ends, Socket weld)
  • Rating: 800# to 2500#

Exploded View:



  • High Pressure retaining capacity
  • Horizontal or Vertical installations
  • Used for critical applications
  • Precision Machined seats
  • Bolted Cover with Blow off drain connections


  • Drain Valves
  • Plated Filter element
  • Magnetic Screen Insert
  • Different Threading types (NPT/BSP)
  • Special finish and Linings
  • P Tapings/ Gauge

Download Datasheet:

AFS-2515-000 G.A.-Model


Y Type Forged Strainer
Y Type Forged Strainer
Y Type Forged Strainer1
Y Type Forged Strainer1