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Product Details

Fabricated Y Type Strainers

Having the involvement of “Y Type Strainers” in name, it is needless to say that fabricated strainers are most suitable for inclined or horizontal pipelines where dust is hard to remove from the flowing fluids. This type of strainers is cylindrical in shape so it can be fixed properly in the pipe to provide useful filtration. Being an inexpensive kind of strainer, it is used in millions of pipelines to remove debris from fluids.

Fabricated Y type strainers are made up of Mild steel, stainless steel or alloy steel. It has a bolted cover along with blow off drain connections. Having flanged ends/butt-weld ends of the dimension of an inch to 24 inches, it is compact in size. Although it is easy to install, its size doesn’t allows it to hold high amount of dirt. When it comes to pressure, the rating lies in between 150# to 1500# and the strainer doesn’t affect it while removing dirt with process stream. Our fabricated Y type strainers are easy to carry and install because of its low weight and compact size. You also get options to choose the most suitable type of fabricated strainer for your pipelines. We make larger size and pressure of fabricated strainers available for prospective clients on request.

  • Size: 2”- 24” (Flanged ends, Butt weld ends)

  • Rating: 150# to 2500#

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  • Compact Design
  • Horizontal or Vertical installations
  • Large Screening Capacities
  • Precision Machined seats
  • Bolted Cover with Blow off drain connections


  • Drain Valves
  • Plated Filter element
  • Magnetic Screen Insert
  • Different Drilling templates (ASME/DN/BS/IS)
  • Special finish and Linings
  • D.P Tapings/ Gauge