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Fabricated Simplex Basket Strainers

Being a member of the simplex basket strainer, fabricated simplex basket strainers have a basket shaped design with huge capacity of storing debris. Made up of stainless steel or carbon steel, this type of strainers has a slant top basket design. The design helps the flow of fluid technically because the slant top maintains low pressure drops. When it comes to the weight, fabricated simplex basket strainers weigh lesser than other basket strainers. Due to low weight, labours find it easier to remove the slant top for cleaning purposes.

A major turn on of this basket strainer is the optional presence of back -flush or backwash option. It works in a systematic way without shutting down the system when there are heavy solid particles in the pipeline. An on/off back-flush valve is installed in the strainer’ bottom area and this opens when huge amount of debris gets accumulated at the bottom. Apart from back-flush, we also offer various other modifications on basket strainers to provide the most suitable product to our clients.

  • Size: 2”- 24” (Flanged ends, Butt weld ends)

  • Rating: 150# to 2500#

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  • Straight through flow design
  • Low Pressure Loss
  • Slant top basket design
  • Basket perforations from 1/32₺ to 1₺
  • 20 to 400 mesh linings for fine straining applications


  • Hinged cover or davit assembly for easier maintenance
  • Drain/Vent Valves
  • P Tapings/ Gauge
  • Back-flushing system for manual
  • Steam jacket for highly viscous fluids
  • Rotated or offset nozzle placement
  • High pressure capabilities
  • Plated Filter elements
  • Different Drilling templates (ASME/DN/BS/IS)
  • Magnetic Screen Insert
  • ASME Code construction
  • Brazilian NR-13 available
  • European standards – DIN/PED available
  • Coatings and linings available upon request

Download Datasheet:

Simplex Basket Strainer


 Simplex Basket Strainer with Quick Opening


Simplex Fabrictaed Basket Strainers
Simple Fabricated Basket Strainer
Simple Fabricated Basket Strainer