Manufacturer of Strainer – ACME Fluid System

Basket Strainer, Duplex Strainer

  • Designed for minimum pressure loss and easy basket strainer accessibility
  • Cast alloy construction provides both durability and economy
  • Duplex Strainer & Basket Strainer models include a tapered plug valve with metal-to-metal seat for long life in rough service
  • Simple one-stroke valve operation allows for continuous flow transfer from one side to the other without interruptions
  • Duplex types range from 3/4 to 8 inches in pipe size, and simplex up to 12 inches. Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and bronze models are stocked in many sizes
  • Special units can also be manufactured in other alloys
  • Threaded N.P.T. and A.N.S.I. flanged port units are standard
  • Butt-weld and socket weld ports are also available
  • ACME strainers are manufactured in accordance with international standard ASTM
  • Units can also be furnished to meet Military, Coast Guard, and other specifications where required
  • Special ports for strainer back-wash and control sensor installations can be provided
  • Automatic duplex valve actuators and controls are also available