Is a robust organization which is owned and operated by a family that together highlights an experience of more than a century in the respective field. The organization deeply focuses upon meeting the requirement of the key industries in the country such as Oil & Gas, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Steel mills, Pulp & Paper facilities, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Cement, Global Petrochemical refineries, Nuclear , Ship Building, etc. Through providing simple solutions. The design and shape of the strainers and valves are crafted by experts who have professional experience under extensive situation to provide rigid solutions that are not only effective but also economical in nature. At the present date, the organization occupies a significant position for government as well as private enterprises.



The organization, ACME FLUID SYSTEMS, aims to continually improve and diversify their comprehensive product line, while providing optimum customer service and satisfaction. The mission has to be accomplished with the channels of integration and diversification of existing resources within the reach of the organization such that sync is established between the input and the output to promote industrial harmony. In the long run, the organization looks forward to occupy a position where clients would consider them to be the “Single source for Valves and Strainers.”



ACME FLUID SYSTEMS is an ISO certified unit  in India that manufactures ,supplies and exports quality strainers and valves to international as well as local markets. The strainers manufactured under this house offers an unparallel solution towards protection of instruments such as valves, flow meters, pumps, etc., along with promoting cost effective solution through innovation. Precision in smart design, effective approach and quality control makes us as one of the best strainer manufacturing company in India. 

At present, ACME FLUID SYSTEMS offers following  products that meet the requirements of clients under different situation. They are:

·          “Y” type Strainers

·         Temporary Strainers

·         Simple Basket Strainers

·         Bag Filters

·         Duplex Basket Strainers

·         Cartridge filters

·         “T” Type strainers

·         Magnetic  Filters

·         Filtration Systems

·         Filter Elements

·         Ball Valves

·         Globe Valves

·         Gate valves

·         Check Valves

·         Multiport Valves

·         Flush Bottom Valves

Apart from these products, ACME FLUID SYSTEMS participates in designing innovative tools that are manufactured to meet the specific requirements of various clients. House engineering has been one of the core areas of operation where various involved complexities are taken into consideration for producing more compact products that can operate in a dynamic environment.

The present market reputation of ACME FLUID SYSTEMS stands as one of the most productive industrial units in all over India.


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